Novels that reveal Alaska's culture and history 

We love reading about Alaska! If you’ve ever been on one of our tours, you’ll know that we stock our coaches with Alaska/Yukon libraries. That isnt' all that we include on our custom coaches, but let's get back to the books. 

The Last Frontier is a place that is wild with history and stories of men and women that have braved the elements to call it home.​ This makes for a plethora of reading material. The books below will fill your dreams with the grandeur of Alaska, a state we are proud to discover. So whether you are planning your dream Alaska vacation, are busy packing for your next Alaska adventure, or just love Alaska, we invite you to grab one of these books and delve in! HAPPY READING!

Where the Sea Breaks Its Back
Where the Sea Breaks Its Back
Travel in Alaska John Muir
Songs of a Sourdough Robert W Service
Alaska James Michener
Ordinary Wolves Seth Kantner
Passage to Juneau Jonathan Raban
Two Old Women Velma Wallis
One Man's Wilderness  Sam Keith & Richard Proenneke
Two in the Far North Margaret Murie
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There are so many other classics that we could recommend and few new reads, but these books, as a collection, give the reader the greatest perspective on Alaskan life, courage, fortitude and discovery. Perhaps we should warn you that a few of these are long reads and would take you all year, but hey, there's no time like the present to get started on your own Alaska library!


For more tips and tricks about Alaska, visit our Alaska Resources page. 

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The Essential alaska reading list

The Essential Alaska Reading List