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Looking to give something both memorable and thoughtful this Christmas and Hanukah? Perhaps you would like to commemorate the memory of your Alaska vacation? Alaska is home to artisans all over the state, who in recent years have begun making names for themselves around the world. You will find all of these products in our homes and served at our tables. We recommend them as quality products and the businesses as places to find handmade, Alaskan items perfect for your holiday gift giving.

PLEASE NOTE: John Hall’s Alaska does not receive any kickbacks or commissions for these recommendations, but if you do purchase something, please let the store know that John Hall’s Alaska sends a big holiday hello!

But first, the self-promotion bit….

John Hall’s Alaska Store

May we suggest a visit to our logo wear store for a one-of-a-kind sweatshirt, t-shirt or baseball cap? If you would like to help a loved one with their vacation plans, gift cards are available for purchase. .








Sitka Lighthouse Co. Store

One of our favorite boutiques is a little place called the Sitka Lighthouse Co. Store. Lucky for us, they have an online store so we can buy birthday gifts all year long- and we do! For Christmas, you can find trinkets, apparel, accessories and home décor that’s hip and modern, but showcases Alaskan textile making. Their local designs are so creative and they keep their inventory moving so you should check back frequently for new merchandise.


Alaska Pure Sea Salt
First up on our list of amazing gift ideas, if a peak at Alaska Pure Sea Salt. Their story: . This sea salt is harvested from Alaska sea water and boy is it packed with flavor! Our personal favorite salt to cook with, the Alder Smoked Sea Salt finishes any meat dish perfectly.  Check out their body scrubs and bath salts while you’re shopping.








The Alaska Box

A positive to come out of 2020 is the invention of The Alaska Box, a quarterly subscription service that delivers Alaska artisan goods of all kinds to your doorstep. This product is the dream child of Laura, owner of another favorite store of ours, Caribou Crossing, based in Juneau, Alaska. For $49.99 plus tax and shipping, you will receive a surprise selection of home goods, jewelry, cosmetics, collectibles and yummy treats made in Alaska by family businesses. You can’t find this stuff in just any store, which is why we think you’ll agree that this price tag is low for the value found in the box. 


Sitka Salmon Shares
We are frequently asked about the best ways to bring home or ship Alaskan seafood to the lower 48. While catching it yourself is an experience we wouldn’t want you to pass up, when fishing isn’t an option, shipping some fresh catch from Sitka Salmon Shares is a great alternative. You can even read about the fisherman you are supporting by owning your own salmon share. Shop their shares selection and support small, local, Alaska fisheries, not the usual large, international fishing operators. When you buy from these guys, your money stays American and supports Alaskan families. The way this works is that you need to first enroll in a membership, then pick which shares is the best fit for your family. Then you get the gift of fresh fish all year long! BONUS: If you enroll by December 31st, you could win a year of free fish, so start the enrollment process now! 








Trickster Company

Looking to wear something that fits well, feels good, and gets comments? Trickster yoga pants and active wear are where it’s at! Designed to represent Alaska Native artistry and Alaska industry themes, the colorful patterns they offer will impress you. Clothes even come in kids sizes.  We have personally tested out the pants and tops, but they offer a variety of eye-catching apparel and accessories for a variety of lifestyles.