39 Years of Touring Alaska

Alaska Tourism Pioneers


John Hall Sr -  2014 Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award 
Presented by the Alaska Tourism Industry Association, this award Honors John Hall Sr's lifelong support and leadership in
Alaska tourism, his promotion of the industry standards of excellence, and his contributions to the alaska travel industry’s growth as a whole.

The Hall Family:

Elizabeth, Joseph, John and John Jr.

A Family Business with a Passion for Alaska

When you choose to join a John Hall's Alaska tour, you become a part of our extended family and you will be treated as such.  Our team members are there for you, providing reassurance and guidance as you plan, pack and arrive to enjoy your vacation.


We can't wait to meet you in person! 

John Halls Alaska Family

How It All Began...

John Hall Alaska

touring since 1983

 John Hall Sr's passion for Alaska began during trips up the Alaska Highway with his father who delivered eggs for Piggly Wiggly grocery stores. They would travel from Minnesota, up the Alaska Highway into Alaska, and the trips resulted in several flat tires, but no broken eggs - or so the story goes.  


1983 - John Hall Sr Purchases His First Tour Bus  


  This very first bus was initially purchased to take Minnesota locals to Minnesota Twins games, Vikings games, and local events. Eventually the local tours grew into tours of Nova Scotia, Alaska and warm weather destinations in the winter months. Anderson House Tours, our parent company, was born and named after the historic Anderson House Hotel, also owned at operated by John Hall Sr. at the time.  


1986 - Itineraries Now Cover All 50 States  

  With a fleet of 18 coaches, Anderson House Tours can be found in all 50 states and most Canadian Provinces, but our Alaska itineraries remain our favorites. It is during this time that John Hall Sr. cultivates relationships with Alaskans and together they develop ways to make portions of Alaska available to visitors that were never options before. 


2001 - We Officially Become "John Hall's Alaska"  

  After shifting gears and departing from the hotel industry, we are able to officially focus on Alaska as our primary destination with the mission of offering the most extensive, immersive and inclusive tours on the market. John Hall Sr and his three children, John Jr, Joseph and Elizabeth, are all still active in the operation of the company, overseeing the guest experience from start to finish.  


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Alaska Tourism Pioneers

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