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So many factors go into planning a vacation, and with a state as large as Alaska, it could feel overwhelming. But don’t fret, we have the resources you need – everything from information on packing, weather, and enhancing your trip to registering to attend an in-person seminar or watching John Hall’s Alaska videos from the comfort of home!

The interior of Alaska and the Inside Passage offers a variety of things to see and do, with countless possibilities for enjoying the great outdoors for any activity level. These resources can help to guide you in selecting the highlights and activities of interest to you during your John Hall’s Alaska tour, or even pre-or-post-tour, in fact, we encourage you to stay a little longer!


Register for an upcoming seminar! Our Alaska experts are there to answer your questions and share the John Hall’s Alaska experience.

Resource Guides

Best Wildlife Experiences

From brown bear viewing to whale watching, fishing to flightseeing, discover the ultimate places to include in your Alaska vacation for the most amazing wildlife encounters!

Best Tips for Planning Your Alaska Vacation

Our top 6 things you need to know to plan the best Alaska vacation for yourself and your family

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