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Commonly asked questions for your trip

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Due to customs regulations, all prescription medications should be in their original containers with the doctor’s prescription printed on the container. It is advised that you travel with no more than personal use quantities, a rule of thumb is no more than a 90-day supply.

John Hall’s Alaska tour packages do not include airfare to and from your destination. Airfare within the tour itinerary is included, where applicable. As a complimentary service to our guests, we are happy to look up current airfare rates and assist in the booking process.

If booking airfare on your own, please forward your complete air itinerary or airline confirmation number to our office so that we can track your flight and meet you at the airport upon arrival. If your airline changes your flight number, please advise our office of the new flight number, this is how we track your arrival in Anchorage.

Please note that we are happy to meet our guests at the airport several days before the start of your tour should you wish to travel to Alaska in advance of your tour’s start date (available on Alaska tours only).

Please let us know if you have a specific medical condition, physical disability, or other special needs required in advance. To the extent possible, we seek to accommodate any person with a disability. Certain land and shore facilities may not be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Although we cannot guarantee that all services and facilities will be fully accessible, you must let us know in advance so that we may attempt to arrange your special requests with our partners if at all possible.

US & CANADIAN CITIZENS: Effective June 1, 2009, all persons traveling between the U.S. and Canada are required to have and carry a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States by land, air, or sea. Should you be required to unexpectedly depart a vessel before the end of the sailing, a passport, valid for 6 months after your return date, would be required to re-enter the U.S.

NON-US & CANADIAN CITIZENS: You must have and carry a passport valid for six months beyond the duration of the cruise. Non-U.S. citizens who have previously been admitted to the United States for permanent residence must carry their Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) commonly known as a Green Card.

CHILDREN: U.S. citizen children under the age of 16 traveling by land or sea will be able to present the original or copy of their birth certificate or proof of U.S. citizenship such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card.

PASSPORT CARDS: Passport cards are available as a substitute for carrying a valid passport. This is a wallet-size card valid for land and sea crossing in North America. However, please note that these cards are not valid for foreign air travel.

For more information visit: or call the National Passport Information Center at 877.487.2778.

Travel Protection covers unexpected circumstances and because our trips are inclusive in nature and completely pre-paid, we highly recommend that you consider protecting your investment. We offer a custom plan through Travel Insured that allows for additional flexibility based on pre-existing health conditions. Please visit our Travel Protection page for more information and to request a quote.

Please note: We do not sell trip insurance directly. Travel Insured will not cover residents from the state of NY. Please consider Travel Guard or CSA Travel Protection as alternates. Trip insurance should be in place before final payment is due on your tour. For the most complete coverage, consider the “Cancel For Any Reason” policy. All policy questions should be discussed directly with your insurance provider.

Alaska Specific

For the most part, our land tours are all-inclusive and jam-packed with activities. However, the activities we offer do come in a variety of flavors:

INCLUDED GROUP ACTIVITIES: Included activities run the gamut from wildlife tours, riverboat cruises, and going curling to visits to Native villages, cultural museums, and exclusive dog sledding presentations. One for all, all for one, and everyone on the tour is in on the action!

PICK YOUR ADVENTURE DAYS: These activities are included as well but allow you to preselect your preferred activity from a list of options – such as whitewater rafting, flightseeing, a zipline tour, or ATV excursion. Most tours offer one or more Adventure Days.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Sharing Alaska is a true passion amongst our team, but we also recognize the need for downtime, time that you can do with it what you will. So, for those who wish to keep going, there are optional activities available for you to purchase.

PRE-AND-POST DAY TOURS: For guests who opt to arrive early or stay a bit longer after their tour, you can enhance your extended stay with customized day tours such as fishing, flightseeing, float trips, and glacier hikes. There is always more Alaska to experience.

If you wish to add an excursion or day tour before, during, or after your trip, we are happy to assist you with the process. Please contact our office with your interests and we will make suggestions based on the time of year and your desires. We can assist you with booking rental cars, additional hotel stays, and extra activities. (800) 325-2270

If you would like to create a custom group itinerary, please contact [email protected].

ALASKA PACKAGES: A John Hall’s Alaska representative will meet you upon arrival at the airport and help load your bags at the baggage claim if arriving at a U.S. airport. All tours include airport to hotel transfers at the beginning of the tour and airport transfers after the tour.

EXTENDED ALASKA TOURS: We meet you at the airport, even if you plan to arrive days before your tour begins. Once your airfare is booked, please contact our office with your confirmation details. This allows us to track your arriving flight and meet you at the airport at the appropriate time. Please wear either your John Hall’s Alaska blue windbreaker or lanyard to help us identify you quickly. Our staff will gather your bags for you and get you transferred to your early accommodations, car rental, or wherever you are going!

SUMMER TOURS: The Alaska summer tour season runs from the end of May until the end of September, with June and July being the high season when travel costs are higher. For those booking a land tour and/or a small vessel experience, the dates of travel will dictate your trip a bit more. June and July are typically clearer months for travel. During June and July, bluer skies and better flowers prevail. In August and September, temperatures can be 5-10 degrees (F) cooler but you have the chance to see Northern Lights, fall colors, and greater animal movement as they begin preparing for winter hibernation. Scattered rain showers (aka liquid sunshine) may occur on your Alaska tour no matter which month you travel!

WINTER TOURS: These run in February and/or March and include attractions focused on winter activities, winter festivals, aurora viewing, and the Iditarod. Expect to pack coats and snow boots rated for sub-zero temperatures, though temperatures can be in the 20s during the day and 20 degrees below at night, extreme temperatures are not the norm. Temperatures also vary based on your location in Alaska. Winter guests receive a complimentary black winter coat rated for sub-zero degrees. Our team can assist you with preparing for your winter Alaska experience, including planning what to pack to be comfortable. Do not fear winter in Alaska – it is an amazing sight to behold!

ON LAND: You will have cell phone reception in small and large towns throughout your tour, but will most likely lose reception when traveling in between. Motorcoaches do not have internet access since the service is spotty. All hotels have internet access, though some may charge a fee for in-room use. Our motorcoaches are equipped with satellite telephones for tour manager usage in case of emergencies.

INSIDE PASSAGE: Much like on land, when sailing around Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage on our Platinum Inside Passage or Admiralty Dream experience, cell service is spotty and will be limited between ports. Internet is not available on either vessel.

LAND TOURS: Washers and dryers for your personal use are available on land. In the larger towns such as Anchorage, Valdez, Dawson City, and Fairbanks you will have time to do laundry. In Denali National Park there are laundry facilities, but you may have limited access to them. By packing layers, you should be able to “recycle” your wardrobe to have a new look each day, which will help to extend your wardrobe.

SMALL VESSELS: Laundry facilities are not available aboard the small vessels in Southeast Alaska.

CARRY-ON ITEMS: Due to motorcoach overhead compartment space being smaller than airline overhead compartment space, any item carried on board must not exceed 45 linear inches. Items carried on board may include medical devices, coats, camera cases, or a handbag containing items of a personal nature. Flexible-type tote bags that are easily handled are encouraged rather than rigidly formed bags. Guests are limited to one carry-on bag. If you require a medical device, then you are may bring both the medical and your carry-on on board the motorcoach.

LUGGAGE: On most land tours, one piece of large luggage is allowed per guest. For those including a Platinum Inside Passage or Admiralty Dream experience, another piece of luggage is allowed. Please pack one bag with land-only clothing and the other bag with attire appropriate for the cruise, your cruise bag will be stored separately during your land tour.

RED DUFFLE: In some locations where the capacity to handle a large volume of luggage is limited (i.e., overnights at remote locations), John Hall’s Alaska provides guests with a red duffle bag large enough for two nights’ worth of clothing and toiletries. Please bring these duffle bags with you on tour when they have been provided.

LUGGAGE HANDLING: John Hall’s Alaska includes luggage handling and gratuities in your package. Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel room upon check-in and picked up from your hotel room upon check-out. Airport arrival staff will collect your luggage upon arrival at the beginning of your tour.

You will be well-fed. While touring, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included on all John Hall’s Alaska tour packages.

We have hand-picked authentic breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the land portion of your Alaska tour. Our flexible approach to dining (whenever possible), provides guests with multiple entree options. In many cases, you will be given a voucher that allows you to pick any item you want from the full menu. At mealtime, there is no assigned or requested seating on the land portion of your tour. You are free to sit where you like and with whom you like. Dinners on land include one adult beverage of your choice. Other meals may or may not include alcoholic beverages depending on the location.

SPECIAL DIETARY REQUESTS: Please let us know in advance if you have a special diet or food allergy and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs. Although we are unable to guarantee that all requests can be met, we will request where appropriate. Please update our office if anything has changed since the time of booking.

SEAT ROTATION: In consideration of all guests, seat rotation is practiced daily to ensure everyone has an opportunity to switch up their view and avoid claiming a favorite seat.

SMOKING POLICY: Our motorcoaches are a smoke-free environment and a no-smoking policy is enforced. However, rest stops are planned every two to three hours to accommodate those who wish to smoke.

YOUR MOTORCOACH: Our custom fleet of motorcoaches are built to our specifications, which means they offer onboard amenities only found with John Hall’s Alaska. This includes first-class-style leg room, restrooms, flatscreen TVs, and Alaska/Yukon libraries. They are also fitted with Keurig Galleys offering complimentary water, coffee, tea, and water-based beverage mixers. 120V power outlets throughout the coach make it easy to charge electronics. Everything is complimentary to you, our guest!

We will send you information about packing for your tour a few months before you travel, and again with your final documents. This includes a suggested packing list and also information on average weather you may expect during on tour. Please check out our packing list to get a head start.

TOURS: For the most part, our tours are all-inclusive. We do not include gratuities for our tour managers and tour representatives and cash or check is appreciated for that. If you plan to shop, all major credit cards are accepted in Alaska, which is recommended over traveling with a lot of cash.

SMALL VESSELS: With our small vessel partners, cash or credit card may be used for all purchases.

Chances are, by the end of the trip you’ll need a vacation from your vacation! Alaska is a very large state and our tours are activity-packed to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Activities are scheduled throughout each day, unless otherwise noted in the itinerary, such as a “time to relax” or “on your own.” Some activities require early mornings, but the silver lining, early mornings often present the best wildlife viewing, and that’s why you came, right?

The dress code is casual at all times on land, even at dinner.

SUSTAINABILITY: John Hall’s Alaska is an Adventure Green Alaska certified tour operator. This means we employ emission-reducing technology on our motorcoaches and operate our tours in a way that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible, hereby protecting wildlife and the environment.

WILDLIFE VIEWING: Wildlife is unpredictable, but plentiful in certain areas, so please keep your camera and binoculars handy. When viewing wildlife, we strictly adhere to all suggested or required distances and procedures determined by local, state, and federal wildlife agencies. Sensitive viewing of wildlife that does not disturb their behavior is paramount to protecting wildlife populations. Your tour managers are experienced professional guides – always spotting for and pointing out wildlife, and providing insight into the marine and wildlife species you are viewing.