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How To Shop In Alaska

Alaska is home to artisans all over the state, who in recent years have begun making names for themselves around the world.

So, how do you know what’s made in Alaska and what’s made by Alaskan artisans?

Shopping Local In Alaska

With so many outsider manufacturers providing the trinkets and wearables in Alaska, it’s important to understand that labeling on products or businesses will indicate if it’s made in Alaska or an Alaskan business that sells the Alaskan made products.

Here are 3 photos to help you indicate the authenticity of the product you are looking to buy:

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Alaska Grown And Made In Alaska Products

Look for the “Made in Alaska” polar bear and cub sticker in shop windows and on products to know for sure that you’re buying genuine Alaska products. The Blue and yellow “Alaska Grown:” sticker is displayed in support of Alaska’s agricultural industry (see photos above).

This sticker comes in handy at farmer’s markets, like the popular Saturday market in downtown Anchorage Though not all products will have this sticker, the “Authentic Native Handcraft from Alaska” sticker will designate products made by Alaska Natives.

Helpful Made In Alaska Resource

If you are new to Alaska or spending an extended time and will be in need of a variety of services, Buy Alaska is a wonderful resource for everything from photography to car repair. By using these businesses, you ensure your dollars are being invested into Alaska’s local economy.