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Activities – Included & Optional

For the most part, our land tours are all-inclusive and jam-packed with activities. However, the activities we offer do come in a variety of flavors:

INCLUDED GROUP ACTIVITIES: Included activities run the gamut from wildlife tours, riverboat cruises, and going curling to visits to Native villages, cultural museums, and exclusive dog sledding presentations. One for all, all for one, and everyone on the tour is in on the action!

PICK YOUR ADVENTURE DAYS: These activities are included as well but allow you to preselect your preferred activity from a list of options – such as whitewater rafting, flightseeing, a zipline tour, or ATV excursion. Most tours offer one or more Adventure Days.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Sharing Alaska is a true passion amongst our team, but we also recognize the need for downtime, time that you can do with it what you will. So, for those who wish to keep going, there are optional activities available for you to purchase.

PRE-AND-POST DAY TOURS: For guests who opt to arrive early or stay a bit longer after their tour, you can enhance your extended stay with customized day tours such as fishing, flightseeing, float trips, and glacier hikes. There is always more Alaska to experience.

If you wish to add an excursion or day tour before, during, or after your trip, we are happy to assist you with the process. Please contact our office with your interests and we will make suggestions based on the time of year and your desires. We can assist you with booking rental cars, additional hotel stays, and extra activities. (800) 325-2270

If you would like to create a custom group itinerary, please contact [email protected].