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Best Time To Visit Alaska

SUMMER TOURS: The Alaska summer tour season runs from the end of May until the end of September, with June and July being the high season when travel costs are higher. For those booking a land tour and/or a small vessel experience, the dates of travel will dictate your trip a bit more. June and July are typically clearer months for travel. During June and July, bluer skies and better flowers prevail. In August and September, temperatures can be 5-10 degrees (F) cooler but you have the chance to see Northern Lights, fall colors, and greater animal movement as they begin preparing for winter hibernation. Scattered rain showers (aka liquid sunshine) may occur on your Alaska tour no matter which month you travel!

WINTER TOURS: These run in February and/or March and include attractions focused on winter activities, winter festivals, aurora viewing, and the Iditarod. Expect to pack coats and snow boots rated for sub-zero temperatures, though temperatures can be in the 20s during the day and 20 degrees below at night, extreme temperatures are not the norm. Temperatures also vary based on your location in Alaska. Winter guests receive a complimentary black winter coat rated for sub-zero degrees. Our team can assist you with preparing for your winter Alaska experience, including planning what to pack to be comfortable. Do not fear winter in Alaska – it is an amazing sight to behold!