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Motorcoach Travel

SEAT ROTATION: In consideration of all guests, seat rotation is practiced daily to ensure everyone has an opportunity to switch up their view and avoid claiming a favorite seat.

SMOKING POLICY: Our motorcoaches are a smoke-free environment and a no-smoking policy is enforced. However, rest stops are planned every two to three hours to accommodate those who wish to smoke.

YOUR MOTORCOACH: Our custom fleet of motorcoaches are built to our specifications, which means they offer onboard amenities only found with John Hall’s Alaska. This includes first-class-style leg room, restrooms, flatscreen TVs, and Alaska/Yukon libraries. They are also fitted with Keurig Galleys offering complimentary water, coffee, tea, and water-based beverage mixers. 120V power outlets throughout the coach make it easy to charge electronics. Everything is complimentary to you, our guest!